Engineering Document Management – Meridian

Seamlessly Connect All Engineering and Maintenance Departments’ Stakeholders

Meridian is your one-stop repository for all your important documents as well as drawings that are needed for important onsite technical decisions. A streamlined workflow in sync with each and every division allows for all the latest versions of all the documents to be readily available for optimal operational satisfaction.

Meridian Mobile

Teams can now stay connected to information without the need of sitting at their desks.All documents and information is accessible at each time from any place.

  • Have a single repository for all your documents
  • Avoid unnecessary delays
  • Enhance operational quality
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  • Ties Documents to Asset Tags: Aids in locating engineering documentation with ease
  • Concurrent Engineering: Keeping track of documents allows lesser hassle and saves time which is critical in handling concurrent projects
  • CAD Platform Independent: Accurate information is acquired by bidirectional linking with CAD systems
  • Customized Workflows: All engneering control systems are well managed by a flexible workflow


  • Maintain Engineering Data Integrity: Never compromise on the accuracy, quality and latest updates of data
  • Reduce the Cost of Handover: Data handover is extremely smooth internally as well as externally
  • Break Down Information Silos:Cross integration of prominent authoring systems like ERP, ECM & Microsoft office allows an increase in quality and performance
  • Ensure Compliance and Safety: Minimal recalls and risks are possible by regular compliances with industry set regulations

Blend Dual Divisons

EDM & CMMS solutions designed by accruent provide a unified primary source for all the dynamic asset information by absolutely diminishing the search time considerably from long hours to minimal minutes

Engineering Document Management Software Resources

Meridian Server

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Meridian Cloud

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Meridian Portal

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