LEM (Liaisons Electroniques et Mecaniques) is an international group and the world leader in current and voltage sensing. LEM manufactures Hall effect, cost effective, isolated current and voltage transducers used in a wide range of power electronics applications such as: Uninterruptible Power Supplies, Switch-Mode Power Supplies, converters, motor drives, battery monitoring, for the industrial, automotive and railroad markets.

The current and voltage transducers measure DC, AC and complex waveform signals and provide galvanic isolation. They are all designed and manufactured according to the most demanding standards, in world class manufacturing facilities in America, Europe and Japan.

Current and Voltage Sensors

LEM integrated transducers combine in a single case the most advanced AC & DC sensing technologies with signal conditioning electronic circuits (RMS or True RMS, threshold detection, etc).

They feature a switch or relay type output or an electrically isolated standard signal (0-5VDC, 0-10VDC or 4-20mA) that can be directly handled by any PLC or monitoring device. These products require complex adjustment and calibration operations and benefit from the LEM technology and manufacturing know-how to achieve the highest performance and quality level of the market.
  • Industry applications
  • Railway and trackside applications
  • Energy measurement for railway on-board applications
  • Energy & Automation
  • Battery monitoring

Wi-LEM Wireless Energy Meter


The Wireless Local Energy Meter (Wi-LEM) is a complete sub-metering network that is fast and easy to install. The Wi-LEM family consists of:

  • Energy Meter Nodes (EMN) – an assembly of 1 to 3 current transducers with its signal processing module. They can be deployed to measure energy consumption at any point in the power cabinet and transmit the data.
  • Wi-Pulse – a dual inputs pulse counter used to transmit values from electric, gas and water meters.
  • Wi-Zone – a temperature and humidity transducer battery powered.
  • Wi-Temp – a 2 temperature probes transducer battery powered.
  • Mesh Nodes – a repeater linking various Nodes. They enable wireless communications throughout a large installation.
  • Mesh Gate – a gateway managing the mesh network. It provides data through serial interface to a PC.