Ovarro is a market-leading provider of remote telemetry units, secure SCADA systems and business optimization software providing a complete end-to-end automation and optimization solution. We deliver efficiency savings to our customers, by creating systems to collect, communicate and exploit data.


The best for Oil&Gas projects

The Kingfisher Series combines the benefits of advanced processor and software technologies with the reliability of proven I/O modules and communications options. The result is an easy-to-configure remote terminal unit that achieves exceptional performance. By minimising risks, it enables project completion, on time and on budget.

Kingfisher features a broad communications compatibility with a complete array of hardware options plus over 70 protocols provide for network compatibility. Also, thanks to an enhanced DNP3 Protocol Suite with broad DNP3 support (including DNP Master in the RTU) it allows users to take complete advantage of the power of this protocol Security platform.


The best for Infrastructure projects

The TBox range is designed for scalability. Users can select a compact package for small systems, a modular package for larger systems or ultra-low power products which are designed for use in the most remote locations that lack commercial power. All products are fully compatible in communications and configuration.


Simplified and secure machine-to-machine (M2M) web interface

TConnect is cloud-based software that provides a simple and secure remote connection between your TBox Remote Telemetry Unit and your web browser. Users can configure any outstation that you are connected to quickly and easily thanks to TConnect and of course users can monitor the current status of any Remote Telemetry Unit in their network at a glance via an interactive dashboard.