Established in 1992 and based in Bremen, Germany, VIDEC GmbH is a leading supplier for automation and information technology software systems. Their products are designed to provide complete solutions using the highest level of modern, open technology.

VIDEC’s strong historical data archiving and reporting solution is called ACRON. With ACRON you can log data from all the major SCADA packages into one database and combine them with manual data such as lab or meter data. The included analysis functions and the open data access to Excel or SAP has contributed to today being more than 20,000 installations of ACRON globally.

In addition to the historian ACRON, VIDEC has developed an intuitive web front end called JUNE5. This web portal gives users access to the historical data and the ACRON reports on any web device, such as smartphones, tablets or a web browser on a desktop computer. In addition to ACRON, JUNE5 has additional connectors to other popular historian products, such as OSI PI, Honeywell PHD, GE Proficy Historian, Siemens process historian and any SQL database that has an OLE DB connector.
Finally, in the field of automation networks, nowadays cybersecurity is the next big challenge. To achieve a high transparency of IT assets and network traffic VIDEC delivers a passive IT security appliance called IRMA. With this system you get a full holistic overview of the dedicated OT network traffic identified by IRMA. In the case of a change of the communication profile you’ll receive immediate information that you may be being attacked.